How do you prepare for safe and consensual sex with a transgender partner ?

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    How do you prepare for safe and consensual sex with a transgender partner?

    Your partner or companion and you can have sex in any way you want! It’s important that everyone involved feels comfortable, consents to sex, and is able to enjoy it. Sex is not a standard type of activity.

    As a matter of fact, sexual activity doesn’t even have to involve the genitals. Also, you don’t have to want a particular type of sex. So how do you prepare for safe consensual sex with a trans partner?

    Recognize that transgender people may have different wants and needs

    When it comes to sex with a trans partner, it is important to understand that your wants and needs may be different especially if you are cisgender. Sex in general not minding with whom, does not need to be rushed. There is also the need to gain consent, and understand that it is a mutually shared experience.

    This means that if your partner is not ready, or might want it in a particular way you are not comfortable with, you should not force sex to happen. Under such circumstances, it could be unsafe to practice sex as it could lead to injuries and bodily harm.

    Be sure to have a hearty conversation with your partner about their likes and dislikes about sex. This helps you mentally prepare for what to expect.

    A trans woman is not an object, but an equal partner

    Generally, sex is usually between two parties who have consented to it. But in most cases, sex with transgender women is usually seen as a sport or a fetish for some cisgender men. This is why many trans women are usually wary of getting involved in sex with a partner they are just meeting without getting to know them.

    Importantly, see your trans partner as a person you’re sharing a special bond and connection with and not just a toy or a sport. This further boosts their confidence in you and increases their chances of having a pleasurable time with you.

    Understand that each person has different physical and mental limitations

    Even among cisgender or straight people, physical and emotional needs when it comes to sex vary. Some may be into one fetish or the other and their partner might not be comfortable with it. It could be that the partner has had traumatic sexual experiences that plague them. This is why it is important to understand your trans partner.

    Some may have been abused, lack confidence, or even be scared to try out new things with you. Our physicality and mental dexterity differ with every individual. So, what may make you or give you the thrills could be what breaks another person. You should always respect your trans partners’ boundaries during sex.

    Take a quiz to ask your partner about their respective intentions

    It is important to be open to asking your partner about their intention towards you when it comes down to sex. This is to help mitigate the risk of the expectations you may have about your partner.

    For some it might just be a fling, a one-night stand, to others, it could mean a start of a fruitful relationship. So laying bare intentions before sex can also help you enjoy the experience.

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